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Established in 1968, Brays is a firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers in the heart of Wetherby. Our comprehensive range of accountancy, tax and business management services is underpinned by an understanding that our friendly and open approach is as valuable to you as our expertise.

For over 50 years we have supported business owners from all walks of life to start, grow, manage and move on from their businesses; we have provided specialist advice to people dealing with personal or family tax matters; and we have helped not for profit organisations to achieve their goals.

At Brays we appreciate that everyone works differently so we tailor our approach to meet your needs, and if this is all a little new to you, we can also help you to understand exactly what those needs are. We can work with you in person, over the phone, or online, and it doesn’t matter whether you are up to speed with the latest cloud technology, or prefer to keep paper records, we will be able to help.

We will agree a fair fee for the work you want us to do. We are always happy to help, and we like getting to know the people we work with, so we don’t want you to worry about your bill going up every time you pick up the phone or send us an email.

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Why choose Brays?

Meet the team

Ready to help

Whether you’re just starting out in business or planning for your retirement, we’re ready to help. Brays offer a wide range of services, tailored to suit your specific needs, regardless of your size, sector, or what stage you’re at in the life cycle of your business. We will ensure you meet all filing and payment deadlines, as well as providing you with the tools and information you need to help your business thrive.

Brays help for New Business

Starting your Business

Starting your business

Starting your own business is as daunting as it is exciting. We will guide you through the process, help narrow down your options and prioritise what’s important to you. We will provide clear explanations and answer any questions you might have to give your business the perfect foundation for growth.

Brays help for New Business

Growing your Business

Growing your Business

Growing your business requires more than just basic compliance. We can help you to develop and implement strategies for growth, prepare business plans to support applications for funding, and calculate forecasts and breakeven analyses to help you reach informed decisions along the way.

Brays help for New Business

Managing your Business

Managing your business

The challenges of running an established business can vary greatly from those faced by start-ups. We can provide tools to ensure the information you need to make the right business decisions is always at your fingertips. Our payroll and VAT services ease the burden of managing any business, and audit services help keep your stakeholders happy.

Brays help for New Business

Moving on from your Business

Moving on from your business

It can be difficult to move on from your business, but if you are considering retirement, or a fresh challenge, we can help. Whether you want to pass the business on to family, plan for managers to buy you out, or sell to a third party, we will assess the tax implications and value your business to give you the best return.

Navigating the world of tax

As a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers, Brays are perfectly placed to help guide you through the often-baffling world of tax.

We will register to deal with HMRC on your behalf and make sure you always have a complete picture of your tax position. What’s more, we will use our expertise and resources to help you plan for every eventuality, so that you always know what’s waiting round the corner.

It’s not just business owners who can need help with tax; we also help lots of other people handle their tax affairs, including those who have property or investment income, have multiple jobs or pensions, have paid too much tax and need to claim it back, or have sold a residential property, to name but a few.

We also provide tax services to trusts and estates, dealing with all aspects of income, capital gains and inheritance tax compliance, and advising on the tax consequences of creating, changing or closing your trust.

If you are a business owner, we will of course make sure you comply with tax law. We will also help you determine the best way to structure your business, whether it is a sole trade, partnership or limited company, based on your specific requirements, as well as tax efficiency.

All our clients benefit from being able to pick up the phone and ask us about tax anytime, safe in the knowledge that we will know the answer.

You can find out more about Personal Tax or Business Tax on our services pages.

Or, if you have any questions about tax, contact us today to arrange a meeting.

Getting it right!

“Brays have always taken a keen interest in the development of our company. They often come in to see how we are getting along and whether we need any assistance.”

“Brays have handled both our personal and company affairs for some years now. They are straight forward in dealing with the accounts, are available easily for queries or advice when required. During recent difficult times they have also been flexible with charges and payment. An excellent company to deal with.”

“Brays have acted as our accountants for more than 10 years and have always been there to guide us through any problems we may have encountered along the way.”

“We have been with Brays for more years than I would care to mention and have always had an exemplary service.”

“We are really pleased with the service we get from Brays, who are always there to assist us in the running of our company.”

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